Rates and Fees

Call (201) 425-1981 for more information, or to schedule a session with us. Counseling is affordable.

As you begin to look for a therapist, you will want to make sure you are finding the right counselor, at the right value. Too often people spend good money, and (perhaps even more valuable) a lot of time and effort, searching for help in places where they find no improvement and no peace of mind.

At Bergen County Counseling, you are Treated with Respect, Professionalism, and Expert Care. We are focused on providing excellent service and care to his clients. When you come to Bergen County, you will realize quickly that you are treated with the utmost respect, and that we live up to a standard of quality and professionalism that is rarely seen in the mental health field. You are never viewed as a diagnosis, but always as a whole person with an inate ability to live an amazing and fulfilling life.

Let’s talk about getting started. Call (201) 425-1981, for a 5-10 minute consultation, free. Don’t worry, this is a no-pressure phone call. We will never pressure anyone to begin or continue counseling.

There’s no pressure. Let’s talk.

Also, We have a Special Education Advocate/Consultant. Advocacy services can be obtained with a retainer fee and are billed per hour.

We offers a sliding scale on an individualized basis.