Motivation, Change and getting Yourself There!

Motivation, change and getting yourself there!

Many people have dreams of starting a business, going back to school, and/or reaching a personal goal which they haven’t. So, why haven’t they done it? Well that is a good question with a complicated answer. There are many reasons why people have not put forth the effort to reach their goal. They come up with excuses such as, I don’t have the money, I don’t have the time, or I don’t have the support to do this on my own.

The first part of motivation is agreeing on something you want! Many people say they have no idea what they want but that is part of the challenge. The goal you set does not need to be the only thing you want, and the goal does not have to be set in stone but, you need to start somewhere!

No one thing needs to motivate you, look at the big picture and all its parts. Wants and needs are like colors in a rainbow, enjoy each want and need for what it is. For example, one person may see the loss of job as just devastating and a complete loss. As hard as it may be, it provides a positive opportunity as well. Opportunities such as extra time to explore other professional interests, the ability to explore a new career path, or the time and opportunity to start a new business. With the loss of the job comes a new found motivation to succeed!

Another motivating need, is feeling lonely. For many, being lonely causes sadness and feelings of isolation. In reality there are two sides to this situation. The need for companionship motivates some to attend public activities to meet others, for others the use of the internet to interact and create a new social network. Taking advantage of the positive side of the situation is the best opportunity for growth.

So let’s talk about change and how needs and change overlap. Two things motivate change, one is when you want to escape a circumstance and the other is when you want to move to a new desired opportunity. In some cases these two situations can occur simultaneously. In the example of job loss, this is a combination situation where you want to move into a desired opportunity of employment and escape the undesired uncertainty of unemployment. A situation of moving into a new desired opportunity is when a student gets accepted into college; they get the opportunity to increase their skills and learn the skills of a new career. An example where a person is motivated to move from an unwanted situation would be when a divorce occurs. In the case of a divorce, the motivation is on escaping the unwanted situation.

In order to get to your goal you need to organize your thoughts. Organizing your thoughts is really that important. Some make a list, or an idea-web on a piece of paper, others talk out their plan aloud reflecting on what they want. If you do not record your ultimate goal than how do you know if you are taking the steps to complete it?

After, you have organized your general goal it’s time to reflect on what is motivating you. Be honest, because if you cannot be honest with yourself you will get nowhere fast. Once you have started listing some of your main motivators it’s time to plan. Taking into account your goals and motivators, list the clear steps that will need to be satisfied to meet your goal. Once you focus specifically on those steps you will meet them. It is quite amazing actually; if you focus on meeting those steps and as long as you stay focused you will get there.

The reality is, sometimes life gets in the way of your plans, motivators, and goals; that is when Life Coaching comes in. Troy is a goal oriented master, and will keep you motivated and will challenge you when you are getting off task. Call us today, and we can help you get organized and get your goals accomplished.