Bergen County Group Therapy

Bergen County Group Therapy in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Call (201) 425-1981 for more information. New groups starting now! We offer groups for adults, couples, adolescents, and children. 

About Therapy Groups

Our Groups are powerful encounters where participants can experience dramatic growth and change while being supported and encouraged by like-minded group members (often with similar life-challenges and goals).

If you are new to Therapy Groups, in addition to reading the information below, feel free to call us at (201) 425-1981, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

It is a truth of life—sometimes a difficult truth—that everything changes. Often we take change in stride. For example, when our shoes are old and worn out we buy new shoes; or when out stomachs change from full to hungry, we eat a meal.

However, as simple as some changes are, others are equally complicated and difficult. Major life transitions such as the end of a relationship, an age-related life transition, a recent move to Bergen, a career change, or a lifestyle change (to name a few) can feel overwhelming.

If you are looking for ways to cope with a recent or upcoming life change, or if you are looking for ways of gracefully and healthfully accepting and embracing change in your life—group therapy could be a good fit for you.

Couples Counseling Group

Additionally, we also have couples counseling groups for couples looking to make a change.

It has been said that all couples, even couples with great relationships, face challenges and even times of “disaffection of heart.” If you are in a relationship that is struggling, or has recently encountered difficult times, Bergen County Therapy Groups will show you that you and your significant other are not alone.

During this therapy group, you will interact and share with other couples trying to improve, deepen, and in some cases save their relationships.

To learn more about group therapy in Bergen County, feel free to call us at (201) 425-1981